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Denise Kornitz

Co-Creator & Director 

Denise Kornitz is the Co-Creator and Director of Casita de Arte.


After graduating with a degree in Theater Directing from the “Instituto Nacional de Arte Dramático” in Argentina, Denise continued her career performing and directing plays and TV shows for children and adolescents in.


Over time, love for children drew her to the path of education. Relocating to Israel, where she taught theater and dance, Denise worked as a counselor at “Beit Levavot,” an organization that supports families dealing with domestic violence. Denise was also responsible for over 500 children, working as the Coordinator and Director of summer camps in Israel and Spain.

In 2010, Denise has co-created her own Bilingual Theater Company “Yeladudes,” which has released many educational children’s plays, as well as its own original animated web series “Kef-Date.”

With more than 15 years of experience with children, Denise continues her work, giving workshops for families and educators where she shares her knowledge in Child Development.


Her mission is to immerse the children into daily situations and give them creative ways to solve them with a positive outcome.


Nationality: Argentinian

Passions: Writing, Dancing, Singing & Acting.


Fun Fact: Co-Founded a company to encourage women and trans writers. 


Something I love about Casita: The values taught to  children through love and awareness of their needs.



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Josefina Lausirica


Nationality: Argentinian

Passions: Musical Theatre, Make-Up Artist & Acrobat.


Fun Fact: Did you know your laugh can make a difference in other people's day/life? 


Something I love about Casita: I enjoy playing with children and it makes me realize how much I learn from them. Casita gave me the opportunity to create along with other artists and incredible people who makes my brain and creativity grow every day.

image1 (1).jpeg

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Passions: Acting, Voice Over.


Fun Fact: I love salsa dancing and traveling.


Something I love about Casita: I love making them laugh by making silly faces. 

Marisel Polanco



Nationality: Argentinian

Passions: Acting, Singing, Dancing, Playing Guitar, Piano and Percussion, Acroyoga and Acrobatics.


Fun Fact: I have many moles and people say I look like a chocolate chip cookie :)


Something I love about Casita: I love seeing the little ones grow up and learning from them



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